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It can certainly be said that Charles Billich is one of the most important living artists in the world and at 90 years of age he is also one of the most credentialed artists of all time. Indeed, his extensive list of awards and achievements are almost beyond comprehension.  

To have the privilege of watching him at his easel is to witness a magician with a paintbrush. Effortlessly, imagery appears as if by divine intervention. Yet, there is always something deliberately left out, and it’s the viewer who completes the image. If accolades were the only measure of success, Billich surpassed that benchmark long ago. In an art world overflowing with self-interest, misguided choices and hype, the elements of relevance, authenticity, and uniqueness, which the artworks of Billich represent, remain the rarest of qualities.  

In fact, these are some of the most important considerations for the thinking collector. Billich paintings grace the walls of some of the most hallowed locations around the world, and his collectors are among the most influential people of our era. As the pages of history continue to turn, it’s the true masters of the human condition that transcend space and time. They are historical entries that celebrate a relentless commitment to the creation of artworks that inspire and endure. Charles Billich is such an artist: he is as charismatic as he is talented; Whether you are acquiring for investment or the sheer joy of owning a modern master, few artists have accomplished so much in one lifetime. 

Christopher Talbot – President, Art Evolution Inc.


Billich Collections

  • The Vatican Collection, Rome
  • United Nations Headquarters, Geneva
  • The White House Collection, Washington D.C.
  • Ferrari Collection, Milan
  • Shaolin Temple, China
  • International Red Cross Museum, Geneva
  • International Olympic Museum, Lausanne
  • Museum of Modern Art Mobile, Alabama
  • Art Bank Commonwealth of Australia
  • City of Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Brisbane City Hall Art Gallery
  • The Parliament of Victoria
  • Australian Embassy to Germany
  • Australian Embassy to Croatia
  • Hall of Congress, Washington D.C., Queensland Art Gallery
  • U.S. Sports Academy
  • Royal Collection, Kuala Lumpur
  • City of Melbourne
  • Government Utah, USA
  • Government East Timor
  • Central Queensland University, Rockhampton
  • The City of Sydney
  • Embassy of Croatia, Canberra
  • Australian Embassy to Japan
  • City of Kanagawa, Japan
  • USA Australian Olympic Committee Headquarters, Sydney
  • New York State Govt. Port Authority
  • The Royal Collection of Thailand
  • Parliament House, Dili, East Timor
  • Exhibition Building, Melbourne
  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Rockhampton Gallery, Qld
  • The City of Hakodate, Japan
  • The City of Osaka, Japan
  • State theatre Sydney
  • The Parliament of Japan
  • City of Rijeka, Croatia
  • NSW Government, Australia
  • Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee
  • City Of Qingdao China


Billich appointments

Sports Artist of the year United States Sports Academy 2014

Official Coronation artist by Royal Appointment by his Majesty King George V of Tonga

Fifa South Africa 2010

Monaco Eco Art Foundation 2009

Fine Art Sports Academy Art Committee 2009

  • Artist, Florence Biennale 2009
  • Artist, Monaco Eco Art Parade 2009
  • Artist, China White Cartier Polo Tournament 2009, Guards Polo Club, UK
  • Artist, St. Tropez Open Du Soleil Polo Tournament 2009, France
  • Appointed, by Royal Command, Artist in Residence for the Coronation of His Majesty King George Tupou V Tonga 2008
  • St Moritz Art Masters, Switzerland 2008
  • Artist for Australian Olympic Team, Beijing 2008
  • Artist for US Olympic Team, Beijing 2008
  • Artist Carnivale Christi 2004/2005
  • Artistic Patron Sydney Polo Club 2004
  • Artist for Australian Olympic Team, Athens 2004
  • Artist for US Olympic Team, Athens 2004
  • Artist for Australia Day Regatta 2001–2006
  • Trustee United States Sports Academy
  • Patron NSW Chin Woo Athletics Association
  • Artist Sydney Greek Festival 2004
  • Artist for Rugby World Cup, 2003
  • Artist for Timor-Leste Independence Day, 2002
  • Artist for United States Olympic Committee, 2002/2003
  • Designated Artist 2001 Centenary Nobel Peace Prize
  • Sports Artist of the Year, 2000
  • Artist for the Australian and US Olympic Teams, Sydney 2000
  • Artist Beijing Olympic Bid, 1999–2000
  • Artist for the Australian and US Olympic Teams, Atlanta 1996
  • Artist 1996 Formula 1 Grand Prix, Melbourne, 1996
  • Commemorative Centenary Painting, Australian Football League, 1996


Billich Awards

  • Winner, Florence Biennale 2009, Lorenzo Il Magnifico Painting Prize
  • 77th Honorary Shaolin Monk, Henan, China 2004
  • Order of the Eagle Exemplar, USA 2000
  • Olympic Gold Order from the French Ministry for Sport 2000
  • Milan & Spoleto Awards, Italy 1989
  • Victorian Heritage & Cultural Award 1988
  • United States Sports Academy 1996
  • Centennial Olympic City, USA 1996
  • Honorary Citizen of Atlanta 1996
  • Order of the Eagle Exemplar USA 2000
  • Doctor Philosophy Honoris Causa-United States Sports Academy
  • Prints award/Gold Medal 1987/88
  • Spoleto Award, Italy, 1987

Billich Published Resources

  • Who's Who in Australia 2009
  • USA Sports Academy Publication 2000
  • Billich Art Armanae, Grafiche Nicolini Editore, Italy 2000
  • 2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century, UK
  • Artists & Galleries of Australia
  • Billich 1971-1991 (Editalia)
  • Encyclopedia of Australian Art
  • Australian Impressionist & Realist Artists
  • Who's Who of Australian Visual Artists

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