Frequently Asked Questions


Online Color Consistency

At Art Evolution, we strive to make sure that all artworks displayed on the website are shown accurately.

For precision results, we use the ColorMatch RGB Profile.

However, it is possible that due to the make and model of both your computer's video card and monitor, the colours shown on your computer may not be exactly the same as the actual artwork.

Clearly Art Evolution has no control over this scenario and assumes that when you purchase a piece of art that the artwork ordered may not be exactly the same as seen on your monitor/device.

"No Questions Asked" Shipping and Return Policy

A seven-day return policy makes your on-line purchase at Art Evolution completely risk free. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply notify us via email and you may return the artwork for a full refund or it can be exchanged. In each case you pay only the shipping charges to and from your destination.

I would like to Return Some Artwork

Please email us at and our representative will guide you through the simple return process.

Essentials for Return Shipping

Returned artwork must be in good condition, suitably insured and shipped in the same packing materials in which it was originally sent.


Customer Service

We pride ourselves on customer service and take every precaution to ensure that your artwork arrives in perfect condition. "Please read our reviews". Our heavy-duty custom-made crates are very strong and offer the highest level of protection against potential damage.

Unframed Artworks within North America

Art Evolution offers free shipping within North America for all unframed wall artworks. (unless otherwise stated, does not apply to special offers).

Unframed Artworks outside North America

For unframed artworks being shipped beyond North America, our representative will connect with you to discuss shipping options and quotes and you will be billed separately.

Framed Artworks

For all framed artworks and three-dimensional artworks our representative will connect with you to discuss shipping options and quotes and you will be billed separately.

Shipping Timeline

Art Evolution will generally ship your purchase within 2-10 days. The shipping period will vary depending on your location and the extent of packaging and handling required for each purchase. For example, an unframed limited edition that is shipped in a tube would take less time than that of a large framed original painting or bronze sculpture that requires a custom made crate.

Shipping Delays (the small print)

While every effort will be made to deliver your artwork within the stated time lines, Art Evolution cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by shipping companies, timeline for the custom crates to be built or any government agency such as customs.


The What

The contemporary giclée has become a valuable addition to the fine art world. "Giclée" is a French term, which means to spray ink. The pronunciation of giclée is "zhee-clay."

All About the Detail

Giclée have a higher resolution than offset lithographs and the dynamic colour range is greater than that of a serigraph. Giclée are created by a method of printing in which the image is scanned and digitally enhanced on a computer to match the original fine art. The image is then sent to a high-resolution inkjet printer, which sprays millions of microscopic droplets to create an image with smooth tonal gradation. These unique jets are able to vary the width of the ink stream to as small as 1/100th the width of human hair and this is generally regarded by the art industry as the highest quality reproduction available.

True Colour Matching

The entire process in the creation of the fine art giclée is an artistic endeavour within itself, requiring a great deal of patience and skill. A professional quality giclée starts with a high-resolution digital photograph, which is then painstakingly colour matched to the original artwork.

Art Evolution employs experts in the field of scanning, colour matching and printing on high quality canvas, thereby creating an exquisite product that does not need to be framed under glass.

Yes, They Are That Good

Today, artworks reproduced using the giclée process are of such high quality that they can be found on display at museums around the world, including The Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim.