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A Foundation in Collecting

Our philosophy at Art Evolution is quite simple: we set stringent criteria around the selection of both the artists and the artworks represented, we then offer a curated selection in the following four categories:


Investment Art

People will generally buy with their heart and will make artwork purchases of up to $5000 simply because they like it; however with purchases over $5000 you are entering the world of investment art and you need to buy with your head.

The most important question when investing in artwork is to ask, "does the artist have a history and solid track record right now and has the artwork value been firmly established?"

In this category Art Evolution imposes stringent parameters for acceptance: A, the artists must have a solid international collector base; B, consistent annual sales of artworks of at least $500K; C, extensive biography and work history demonstrating a minimum of 25 years working as a full time professional artist.

Fine Art

Artists that are selected for the Art Evolution fine art category are professional full-time working artists that can demonstrate a consistent track record of sales and that we feel have the best chance of being both commercially and artistically successful in the global fine art market.

Décor Art

Décor artworks are generally regarded as the fashion end of the art world.

In this category there is a constant need for innovation and re-invention. Competition is intense in this category with very few leaders and thousands of followers.

Décor artworks are based on colour trends, styles, sizes and textures; these artworks can be of a very high quality but are generally tailored to specific price points.

Art Evolution works with artists that have decades of experience in satisfying this ongoing demand for décor art, which are consistently chosen by the leading interior designers around the world.

Emerging Artists

In this category Art Evolution leaves the door open for exciting emerging artists who can clearly demonstrate all the characteristics needed to achieve success in the art world.

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