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Art Investing

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Art as an Investment + Making Your Art Work For You

Many concerns can enter a buyer's mind before purchasing a piece of art. Here are a few tips to help art consumers make an informed opinion.

  1. The first step to investing in artwork is to ask yourself, can you afford it and do you love the work? Can you see it in your home for years to come?

    These are three of the most important things an art buyer must consider. Many people buy because they think the piece will increase in value over time, they know and want to support the artist who created it, or that it would match their sofa, etc. While all of those are valid reasons, the best reason to buy is that you think that the piece is something beautiful that you can look upon and enjoy for a long time. Generally speaking, artwork that costs up to about five thousand dollars is bought with the heart. Anything above that requires some additional consideration. In particular you should understand: who are you buying it from, are they reputable, and how long have they been an artist or been in business?

  2. Credentials are one of the most important factors in buying art. You should be very cautious purchasing artwork where complete information is not supplied.

    Be sure to consider: artist history, biography, history of exhibitions, examples of other artwork and the pricing of other work that has been sold by that artist. Increases in artwork value are generally a factor of credentials, demand and recorded sales history. Art Evolution will record the sales history of every original sold. In the case of our limited editions, the prices move up as the editions begin to sell out. These increases will be instantly available online as that history builds.

    It is our opinion at Art Evolution that where art flourishes, life is enriched. That is the best investment of all. Art Evolution uses established, credentialed agents worldwide to screen and pre-select the artwork offered. Art Evolution then actively promotes and distributes those artists, which in turn brings higher awareness and increased demand. This affords the best opportunity to seez an increase in the value of the artwork selected.

  3. Can you be certain it is an authentic piece of work?

    Major works are not the only pieces of art that forgers bother to duplicate. In this modern world, it is getting easier to make copies of artwork. Be certain that you have a signed original, a numbered limited edition, or a guarantee of authenticity you can rely on. Art Evolution offers a certificate of authenticity, however once a limited edition is sold out by Art Evolution, we take it a step further and publish a notarized declaration on our website to confirm that it is sold out. Art Evolution believes that this declaration and subsequent permanent publication is the strongest certification that can be offered.

  4. Keep in mind that, like the stock market, the art market is fluid and subject to change.

    The art market is ever-changing. An artist who is virtually unknown one day might be intensely collectable the next. On the other hand, a market saturated with one artist's work might drive prices down on any of his or her pieces for sale at that time. It can be a tricky business, and anyone who wants to get seriously involved in it has to keep up with the pulse of the market.

    One of the prime focuses at Art Evolution regarding our fine art selection is to present artwork for sale that has the best chance of increasing in value. More often than not the difference between artists of equal credentials and quality is simply a factor of strong marketing and distribution.

  5. Beware of bargains.

    Sometimes a bargain can cause more trouble than it is worth. Buy the best quality you can afford if possible—do not overlook canvas rips, shoddy framing or other imperfections. If a piece starts out in good order, it is much more likely to last longer.

    All artwork sold by Art Evolution is pre-selected and checked for quality upon arrival. Additionally, all Art Evolution framing is done in-house and is approved before delivery.

  6. Once you have made your purchase, protect it accordingly.

    Your investment should be protected. Educate yourself about the best ways to care for your artwork so that it retains its value over the long run.

    Please read Art Evolution's ART 101 section on Caring for Your Artwork.

  7. Don't be intimidated by all these considerations!

    Art buying can seem intimidating to the newcomer, but never let that put you off buying a piece. After all, if you buy something you love because it is beautiful and somehow appeals to you personally, you can never really lose.

    All artwork purchased from Art Evolution online comes with a 100% no-questions-asked return policy. If upon delivery the artwork fails to meet your expectations, your situation has changed or your partner has different ideas, simply notify Art Evolution. All you will pay is the return shipping.

    Please review the Art Evolution online guarantee in detail.


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