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The Marina Picasso Exhibition

Born in 1950, Marina Picasso is the granddaughter of Pablo Picasso. Marina inherited a collection of Picasso paintings, some of which have been made available as limited edition hand-pulled, hand-printed Lithographs.
We invite you to join us at the d’Arnberg Cube for an exclusive look at our collection that we have made available to you.

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Art Evolution Exhibit | Dalí

About the exhibition

Art Evolution is proud to work with The Dalí Universe and bring to Australia the Salvador Dalí Sculpture Collection. Dali is the most famous of all the Surrealist Artists, an iconic figure and a titan of Modern Art.
These stunning artworks are exclusively published by I.A.R. Art Resources in Switzerland. The Salvador Dalí Sculpture Collection was conceived thanks to a unique agreement made between the artist and the President of I.A.R. Art Resources, Mr. Beniamino Levi.
The Dali Universe exhibitions have been seen all over the world and have attracting over 12 million visitors over the last 40 years. The Dali Universe also owns and operates the Dalí Paris Museum in Montmartre Paris where the entire Dalí sculpture collection is on permanent display.
All Dali sculptures being exhibited are recognized in the comprehensive Dalí catalogue raisonné "The Hard and the Soft" produced by Robert and Nicholas Descharnes, which is the definitive reference book for Dalí sculpture and has 20 pages are dedicated to the entire Dalí collection.
Also on display will be original paintings by Australia’s own surrealist artist Charles Billich, who in my opinion is one of the most important living artists in the world and at age 88 is one of the most credentialed artists of all time.

Christopher Talbot
President Art


Exhibition Dates
Extended until June 31st 2024

Dali Exhibition Admission
$10 (free for children under 12)

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Hours of Operation
10:30am - 4:30pm (7 days a week)

d’Arenberg Winery
58 Osborn Road McLaren Vale Adelaide 5171


Salvador Dali Sculpture, History, Authenticity & Legacy:

Salvador Dali Collection

Salvador Dali Collection

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