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On display are sculptures published by the Dali Universe in Switzerland. These authentic and certified sculptures were signed into production by Salvador Dali and Benjamino Levi, the head of the Dali Universe during the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Art Evolution Gallery / d’Arenberg Cube Adelaide SA

Art Evolution is an international Art company that holds major exhibitions and public art displays. Art Evolution Australia is currently exhibiting the largest Salvador Dali sculpture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. You can click on this link for more information.

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Salvador Dali Sculpture basic Information

Dali Video; Salvador Dali Sculpture collection by Art Evolution president Christopher Talbot

Dali Video; Salvador Dali sculpture history by Dali Universe founder Benjamin Levi

Answers to frequently asked questions.

The Salvador Dali sculpture collection is published exclusively by I.A.R. Art Resources in Switzerland, aka “The Dali Universe” In the 1970’s the President of the Dali Universe Mr. Beniamino Levi entered into contracts directly with Salvador Dali to create a collection of sculptures based on Dali’s most iconic imagery that would be sold well into the future.

Note; IAR also own and operate Dali Museums in Paris and Prague which are both major tourist attractions that exhibit the entire Dali bronze sculpture collection.   

Salvador Dali, conceived the individual maquettes (model) for each sculpture. These maquettes are either clay or plaster created by Dali or via a detailed set of drawings prepared by Dali for the foundry artisans to create the maquette on which the bronze sculpture is based, then once approved a mould is made and the sculpture edition can be produced.

NOTE; All bronze sculpture is a casting of the original clay or plaster maquette which is ultimately destroyed once the entire edition is produced.

It is important to understand the variety of talents that go into the production of each Dali sculpture, ie; “preparing the moulds, heating and pouring molten bronze, assembling the various components, applying patina, adding the bases, polishing and stamping.  Each of these steps are completed by an artisan who is expert in each particular facet of the process,   this is how all bronze sculpture is produced.


Robert Descharnes (1926-2014) For 40 years Descharnes was Dalí’s closest friend, secretary, photographer, publisher and collaborator. In 2011, Descharnes was named a Chevalier of the Ordre Des Arts et des Letters by the French Government and following Dalí’s death in 1989 Decharnes was administrator of Dalí copyright.

Descharnes’s definitive “Catalogue Raisonée -The Hard and the Soft” is regarded as the bible for Dalí sculpture collectors worldwide and is the reference source for major auction houses and museums.  It is important to note that 20 pages of this catalogue are dedicated to the Dali sculpture collection being offered for sale by the Dali Universe.  

Certificates of Authenticity

All Dali sculptures come with two certifications. The first certificate confirms that the sculpture was produced at Perseo foundry and is signed by the director. The second is a “Certificate of Authenticity” personally signed by Benamino Levi the President of IAR art Resources.  

About the Foundry

From the beginning the Dali sculptures have been produced by the World famous Perseo foundry in Switzerland, who have been producing bronze sculpture using the “lost wax process” for the past 40 years. The Perseo foundry is renowned for Swiss precision and Italian craftsmanship.  

Edition sizes and price escalation

Each sculpture edition consists of 350 plus 35 artist proofs and are strictly controlled by IAR Art Resources. As the edition reduces in number the price increases until it is sold out, which is a characteristic of all limited editions that are in demand.

About the Delivery and Packaging

Delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks, once packaged and shipped a tracking number is sent so that we can track delivery the ETA and advise the customer accordingly. The sculptures are packed in custom crates, which are injected with high-density foam to ensure that they are heavily protected and that there is no chance of damage.  

About Art Evolution

Art Evolution is a technology driven marketing company specializing in the sale, distribution and publishing of artworks for the past 20 years. Over 100 artists are represented including many internationally acclaimed artists.   

Christopher Talbot - President - Art - Australia Pty Ltd



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