About Michele Zarb

Michele grew up living and traveling extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Her interest in art started at an early age, winning her first art competition at age six. After settling in Canada in 1988, Michele devoted herself to painting professionally. Michele’s love for the rich culture and heritage of the Northern Plains is evident in her work. Research in libraries and archives as well as personal experiences ensure her paintings are accurate. Her favorite subject is the Plains Indian. Michele finds their culture, artifacts and spirituality fascinating. She discovers endless subjects with the mystery, symbols, color and tradition of the First Nations people.

In addition, Zarb particularly enjoys observing and painting the antics and beauty of the birds around her home, especially the members of the Corvid family (ravens, crows, jays, etc.). She finds they reflect many of the same attributes as our human families, and their social interaction gives her countless hours of entertainment.

Beyond technical ability, Michele feels an artist’s biggest challenge is to evoke emotion. To capture a fleeting moment or mood, involving the viewer in more than a photographic translation. Her experimentation with various techniques and media keeps the work fresh and exciting, as well as allowing her to constantly grow as an artist.

Michele’s work has been accepted in international competitions in Canada and the United States. She has been elected membership in various art organizations throughout North America. She was the only artist in Canada accepted to the Cowboy Artists of America Workshop in Bozeman, Montana. Michele was also selected to design the 2004 Stampede Western Art Show collector pin. In 2007, Zarb had the distinction and honor of being named the Feature Artist for the Calgary Stampede and Exhibition.

Michele’s work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, the Middle East and Japan. Some of Michele’s collectors include Hyatt Hotels Calgary; ABC News, Washington, D.C.; Nova Corporation; Virgin Records, NY, NY; and Lenny Kravitz, Musician.