About Keith Walker


Keith Walker – Artist Statement

For reasons unknown to me, I have been blessed with the superpower of seeing things, sensing emotions, and connecting dots mostly invisible to others.  

Even after 50+ years of photography and creative image making, my curiosity and urge to create gets stronger every day. I am always excited about new projects, new challenges and mastering new tools and techniques.  

As much as I hope you enjoy my “work” and hope that it will bring a small sparkle of sunshine into your life, the very act of creation is what makes me want to get up every morning with a light step and a big smile!


For over 30 years I have worked extensively with digital imaging and computer graphic systems, both as a photographer and as a Civil Engineering Techologist in the consulting engineering and construction industries. I use high end photography equipment plus a wide variety of imaging software applications to meet and exceed my client’s expectations.

My first foray into aerial photography in 1999 required the skills to quickly change roll after roll of film in a pitching helicopter, without a door. Fortunately digital professional cameras came onto the scene shortly after. Also, fortunately, I seem to have a cast iron stomach for handling tight orbits while looking through a camera lens ... unlike many photographers, and a few clients as well!

After a few years of establishing my business, I reluctantly put my 25 years of engineering skills to rest to pursue my passion for art and aerial photography full time.

I live in Calgary but regularly travel across Canada for photo flights for a wide variety of clients. I have reciprocal arrangements with other aerial photographers in the US and overseas.