About Joan White-Spunner

Born March 28, 1956, in Mobile, Alabama, Joan is mainly a self-taught artist. Joan remembers the moment years ago when she turned her back on the commercial world to do what she always envisioned herself doing: living and working as a full-time artist. Inspired by seeing the work of a portrait artist, and prodded into action by a friend who bought her first easel, brushes and paint, Joan began to paint. The first works, portraits, were formed by her intuitive sense of color and insight into personality. Technical expertise developed the hard way: by studying paintings, attending workshop seminars, trial and error. Her dedication and discipline to her craft inspired her to join the co-op Cathedral Square Gallery in Mobile. There, her reputation grew through her gallery exposure, and her faithful patrons. As a result, White-Spunner has supported herself solely on her art for the past eight years. She has completed over 225 portrait and landscape commissions in the past ten years. The result is an individual and distinctive style, and works filled with color, light and life.

Over the years, White-Spunner has been recognized with numerous awards, including two Best of Show at the Pride Arts Show in Mobile. Her work graces many private and corporate collections.