About David Condori

David Condori Soto was born on October 4, 1962. He received his Art degree from the School of Fine Art in Arequipa, Peru and furthered his studies at the School of Fine Art “Carlos Baca Flor" in Arequipa. He has had several solo exhibitions in Peru at the Hotel Libertador, the Museo Arqueologico del Banco del Pacifico, the Galeria del Instituto Cultural Peruano Aleman, and others. Additionally, he has exhibited in Ecuador and Columbia. Since 1982, he has contributed to group exhibitions in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, China, Taiwan, France, Spain, and India. Condori has won numerous awards, including first place in the 2002 Salon Nacional de Acuarela, Honorable Mention at Primer Concurso Regional de Pintura de Acuarela, and at Concurso de Pintura Municipalidad Provincial de Arequipa. His work is featured in private collections in Peru and internationally.